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Dear Reader

It has been brought to our attention by a few of our customers that they have been approached to do advertising and/or make payments by some other companies using similar product names of ours such as:

  1. Government Directree
  2. Medical Directree
  3. Tourism Directree

Please note that we are not associated in any way whatsoever to any of these products or publisher/s.

Once again, Dotcom Africa (Pty) Ltd is a well trusted and highly respected publisher in its scope of advertising and marketing across the African Continent and beyond.

It is because of our serious commitment to each and every one of our clients and their customers that we have gone the extra mile to certify our products and services to support our endeavour. These are our most relevant accreditations:

  1. Proudly South African - Membership Number CO2619
  2. Publishers Association of South Africa - Membership Number A016
  3. Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) - Membership Number GOV100
  4. Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) - Membership Number Adslive
  5. Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce - Membership Number D23945
  6. Durban Chamber of Commerce - Membership Number 253984
  7. Cape Chamber of Commerce - Membership Number 90411

Further to this, our products are trademarked as follows:

  1. Government Directory of SA - Trademark Number 1 2013/19876 - Trademark Number 2 2013/19877
  2. Medical Directory of SA - Trademark Number 2012/23795

Yes, the name of our products bears the renowned word “Directory”, this being a simple and well understood term that can be easily found in the dictionary for its interpretation and meaning.

We lastly urge our customers to please be wary about other companies claiming to be a sister company of ours or a branch of ours.

They are NOT! If you have been approached by any company claiming to be offering you advertising on the Medical Directory or Government Directory, please contact our offices immediately and one of our managers will explain to you about what to do further.

To order a copy of any of our latest products or to speak with someone from our friendly and efficient support services, please contact us on 0861 DOTCOM / Int. +27 11 3336000

Online Support – refer to bottom right corner of your screen.

A more detailed company profile including our other products and services can be found at the Dotcom Africa website www.dotcomafrica.com.