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The Medical Directory is South Africa’s very own information hub that hosts thousands of customer enquiries daily and assists them in finding the products and services they are looking for through an optimized directory service.

The Medical Directory features a database of 300,000 company listings and advertisements from South Africa and neighboring countries guided by an interactive geographical map and instant messaging system. This new search technology allows for simple usability and effective browsing while bringing you the most relevant and up-to-date businesses in the marketplace today. Search results can be sorted in various ways to help you easily locate the information you need.

Our clients are extremely important to us and we take every initiative to improve our customers experience whether direct or online. We are continuously refining our search engine and enhancing the aesthetics of our services because we put you first.

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Medical Web

Medical Web is a customizable mini website on medicaldirectory.co.za giving you access to high quality online presence that’s affordable.

Why GO Medical Web?
  • You gain greater web presence for your brand
  • You target new customers who are searching for products just like yours
  • You are able to customize your own website to suit your needs and change the layout, as well as add content such as opening hours, pictures and videos of your products, maps and directions.
  • Enjoy the benefits of quality traffic we receive on the Medical Directory Web Search.
  • Banners enable you to display specials and promotions.

Medical Mobile

Medical Mobile is for people on the go. Mobile phones are convenient, handy and always with us when we are on the move. We’ve customized our Web Search to easily adapt onto your mobile screen so that you can find all of the very same info wherever you are.

Medical App

We know that your time is important to you and have made it convenient for you to access the info you need. Simply download the Medical Directory Web Application onto your desktop computer or laptop. It’s Free!

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Why GO Medical Video?
Choose between a 30 and 60 second video that vividly interprets your brand!
  • Stand out from the crowd with an innovative video advertisement that conveys the essence of your brand to consumers.
  • Sometimes static adverts cannot say everything you need them to say. Say more with a video advertisement and provide a real red carpet invitation to your customers!
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Medical CD
Medical CD

You can now order your online directory that is fully equipped with contact details, logos, adverts, maps, emails and website addresses with Medical CD. What’s more is that we will include our entire database of business and government institutions from over 15 countries in Southern Africa to help you find health professionals, suppliers, service providers, wholesalers, retailers, associations, government, and others while driving new & potential customers to your door.

Why Medical CD?
  • No internet and Wi-Fi connection required
  • Search through 300 000 Health Professionals, Businesses & Government instantly
  • Use keywords, phrases, company names, area, products and services
  • Sort, tag and add favorites with our user friendly interface
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, Apple and other operating platforms
  • Software can load up to 100 users or more…
  • Helps reduce downtime and maximize efficiency & productivity
  • Information readily available 24/7 at your fingertips
  • Ideal for company networks and sales driven environments
  • Perfect sales leads generator – saves you time money and energy
  • The perfect gift for friends & family

Medical Video
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For more information on how to be listed, please contact us on:
Telephone: 011 333 6000
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